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Privacy Notice

Privacy notice

The objective of privacy is to protect you private life, your personal integrity and ensure adequate quality of your personal information. Management of your personal information are in Norway primarily controlled within the personal information act, but a number of other acts, among others the marketing act and the accounting act have instructions on how information that are connected to a person should be managed. 

Our customers prefer that DUODJIN handles their personal information in a secure fashion. Please see below for a closer look at how we handle this information.

When you shop with us, we keep, amongst other things, your name, address and email address. This is information we need to deliver the items you've ordered via the carrier you choose, as well as contact you regarding your order. In addition, we are obliged to keep this information in relation to accounting, duty handling and any possible warranty/return handling, so this information cannot be deleted. We are also, due to safety reasons, keeping the IP address used to place the order.

If you are paying by credit-card, we are, for safety reasons, keeping the card number for a limited period of time. The credit card companies demand that we keep the card number for effective handling of any possible problems regarding debiting, canceling a reservation and or crediting. We never keep safety codes or passwords in relation to credit card payment. The card number is deleted after the limited period.

We gather and keep log data regarding which categories and products visitors are looking at or searching for to be able to learn what our customers are interested in as well as improve our assortment and offers. This information is also used for making it possible to show you related products or send you related offers (if you have explicitly asked for this). The information is also used to produce traffic statistics for capacity planning.

We use and require a cookie to register and place an order. (It is possible to view products without using cookies.) We are also trying to create a permanent cookie which will be used to recognize you when you return. This cookie can be deleted by logging off your account.

We are offering a line of email subscriptions so that you can receive different kinds of information and offers. It is completely voluntary to receive these and you have to specifically sign up for these newsletters during the registering of your account or through your account pages. It is also easy to sign off the email listings from your account pages.

This privacy policy only covers the DUODJIN website. Other links within this site to other websites or framed third party sites within the DUODJIN website are not covered by this policy.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, or the use of your personal information, or if you wish to request us to stop using your information in any way, please send an email to: