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DUODJIN is a unique online store with its head office in Tromsř. Shop name is distinctive and is taken from the sounding Sami word Duodji just means Sámi handicrafts.

We are building and want to maintain a portfolio of craft products developed and based on raw materials from the beautiful nature in Northern Scandinavia.

Trade is about inherited, developed and new knowledge and use of tools and materials, and expresses closeness to nature and the exploitation of local resources in the best possible way. It's also about dexterity, artistic ability and not least about the design.

Our products are Sámi handicrafts and art that draws its ideas and forms from the regional traditions found in the North, Lule and South Sámi areas in Norway. Moreover, we try to offer products from the Sámi population in Northern Scandinavia in Russia. The products are functional and express the traditions of the people, the environment and the various cultural currents throughout the ages. Duodji - Sámi crafts - is a very important part of the Sámi culture. Duodji is an identity-enhancing factor on par with other food forms and cultural traits such as language and cultural heritage.

Handicraft Products in DUODJIN not having Sami origin is also based on production methods in which hands, simple tools and often local raw materials form the basis of design and preparation of the products.

We hand pick products and emphasizes that our customers receive top-notch quality of goods produced primarily in small-scale.

If you wish to hear more about us, and want to have your unique products sold via DUODJIN, please visit our Contact Us page and let us know!

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